Custom Letters Message Board ~ Mood Board ~ Life Announcements ~ Say What You Want ~ Home Decor~ A Group of People No Thanks ~Instagram Prop

  • £14.00

Build your own message and bring it to life with over 120 plastic letters, numbers and symbols (stars, hearts, words, emojis) to create you own personlised messages and share them with family and friends ......... they are great for making pregnancy/birth announcements, baby shower, gender reveal, motivational quotes, the list just goes on ...........

Our rustic letter board comes in a timeless vintage style that fits almost any interior design home decor, weddings,new homes,classrooms, desks, and office décor


Measuring 10 X 10 INCHES (25 X 25CM) - There's enough room for all of your ideas! With 30 individually carved lines of letter slots. The board can fit 10 lines of text with about 14-15 letters on each line

It comes with a stand for display on a table, shelf, or sideboard and be used as a welcome sign, quirky quote, pregnancy announcement, gender reveal or birthday banner, and makes a sophisticated addition for your console table and can also be wall mounted.